Teachings and Presentations, 1980-2017

UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), CA:  

Fall 1980-Winter 1981: Teaching Assistant for William Everson’s course “Birth of a Poet.”  

John F. Kennedy University (JFKU), Career Development Program, Orinda, CA: 

Dec. 6, 1989: “Vocation and Psychological Types.” July 10, 1990: “Christ as an Exemplar for Vocational Development.” July 1990: “On the Nuclear Self.” August 1990: “Vocational Clarification through Dream.”  July 18, 1991: “The Vision Quest in Native North American Indian Cultures.” August 3, 1991: “Spirituality and Work.” August 1991: “Vocational Dreams and Synchronistic Events.” July 16, 1995: “Career Vision.”  

John F. Kennedy University (JFKU), School of Professional Psychology, Orinda, CA:

Fall 1990: “The Father-Son Relationship.”  Summer 1992: “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Diagnosis and Treatment in Childhood.”  

The C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago, Il, The North American Conference for Jungian Analysts and Candidates:

Sept. 23, 2005: “The Emergence of the Cultural Complex in Walt Whitman.” 

The C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, CA, Extended Education Program:  

March 26 & 27, 2004: “Melville’s Moby-Dick/Islam and the West,” with Jungian analyst Tom Singer.  Jan. 7-Feb. 11, 2008: “The Child: A Yearlong Seminar on Child Development and Clinical Practice”: “Early Latency (6-8 yr.).”  March 1, 2008: “The Collective Unconscious, Archetypes, and Active Imagination.”  January 5-26, 2009: “The Unfolding Self of the Child: Imagination and Play,” “Aggression and violence and development of the masculine in a 5-9-year-old boy.” 

North-South Conference for Jungian Analysts and Candidates, Carmel, CA:  

March 2, 2007: “The Case of Willy: Transformation of Terror into Joy.” 

IAAP-IAJS ETH Conference, Zürich, Switzerland:  

July 3, 2008: “The Case of Jacob: The Emergence of Moby Dick in the Dreams of a Five-Year-Old Boy.” 

The Journal of Analytical Psychology (JAP) IX International Conference, San Francisco, CA: 

May 30, 2009: “The Transcendent Function in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.” 

International House (I-House), UC Berkeley, CA

February 10. 2011: “Walt Whitman’s Global Vision of Spiritual Democracy.”

East Bay CAMFT, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Orinda, CA. 

March 10, 2012: “Walt Whitman’s vision of Same-Sex marriage and the call of MFT’s.” 

Berkeley City College & UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), “The Birth of a Poet: William Everson Centennial: September 21, 2012: 

“William Everson: The Vocational Archetype,” Berkeley. Oct. 20, 2012: Event organizer and presenter, “Committee Chair’s Welcome,” and “The Shamanic Archetype in William Everson’s Poetry,” UCSC, Kresge College. 

Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum, Joaquin Miller Conference Program. Mt. Shasta, CA: 

October 11, 2013: “Poetry and Praise of Mt. Shasta and its Native Peoples.” October 12, 2013: “Joaquin Miller’s Vision of Spiritual Democracy: Integrating his Dualisms into the Unity of the American Character.”  

Unitarian-Universalist (UU) Church of Berkeley, Kensington, CA: 

February 6, 2011: “Walt Whitman’s Vision of Spiritual Democracy,” with conversant Matthew Fox. January 8, 2012: “Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.”  December 16, 2012: “William Everson on the Shamanic Archetype.” November 17, 2013: “Meister Eckhart: Leaving God for God.” November 2, 2014: “Spiritual Democracy.” February 28, 2015: “Early Visionaries of Spiritual Democracy: Walt Whitman & Swami Vivekananda.” October 25, 2015: “C. G. Jung & Teilhard de Chardin: Peacemakers in an Age of Spiritual Democracy.” September 25, 2016: “Vocational Dreams.” September 17, 2017: "The Future of Transpersonal Psychology." April 22, 2018: "Emily Dickinson: A Medicine Woman for Our Times."

Robinson Jeffers Association Conference, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA: 

May 26, 20912: “The Shamanic Archetype in Robinson Jeffers Poetry.” February 15, 2014: “Jeffers, Whitman, and the Cosmos,” and “Panel Discussion.” IAAP & IAJS Conference, Yale University, Connecticut: July 4, 2015: “C. G. Jung’s Vision of Spiritual Democracy.” 

Sofia University, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), Palo Alto, CA:  

Sept. 2015: “William James & C. G. Jung: The Emergence of the Field of Transpersonal Psychology.” January 13-March 16, 2016: “History of Transpersonal Psychology: James, Jung, and Vivekananda.”    

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November 17, 2013-Steven Herrman-Meister Eckhart: Leaving God for God (mp3)


October 25, 2015-Steven Herrmann-C. G. Jung & Teilhard de Chardin: Peacemakers in an Age of Spiritual Democracy. (mp3)