Overview of Services

Professional Biography

 Professional Biography

       I provide psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, and marriage and family therapy. I am passionate about my work as a child, couples, individual psychotherapist and  Jungian analyst. I enjoy seeing patients get better, mature, and transform over time. I began my studies in Jungian psychology at the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1978, where I taught Jung’s theories of dream interpretation and led dream groups to classes of 100 students. I received my bachelor's degree in Depth Psychology and Religion from UCSC in 1982.  I then earned my master’s degree at John F. Kennedy University in clinical psychology in 1987. I did my internship at Lincoln Child Center in Oakland and worked there for eleven years. I was licensed as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor in 1988. I have been in private practice for over thirty years and have specialized in working with children, individual adults, and couples. I have a multi-ethnic practice and have worked for many years with individuals of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. 

Location & Types of Services


       My office is located in a beautiful location in Montclair Village with a view of the Oakland hills, greenery, and trees that can be seen through my window. I have comfortable furniture and a clean interior. I work with both short-term and long-term patients.

Individual Psychotherapy
       At Steven Herrmann, Jungian Psychotherapy and analysis, I help patients reduce depression and relieve anxiety by focusing on behavioral, emotional, and relational problems. I am an MFT and a published writer with a focus on early adulthood, mid-life, individual, child, marriage, couples, and family oriented psychotherapy. I also work with issues of job dissatisfaction, loss, and bereavement. I bring to my general practice a focus on typical mental health and emotional disorders from childhood to full maturity. One of my counseling goals is helping people clarify their vocational choices and examining the meaning of dreams. In addition, I have experience working with gay & lesbian patients.  As a Jungian analyst, I work with vocational and relational issues via dream work and Journal methods.

Couples Therapy
​       Are you looking to achieve better communication in your relationship? Are you wondering why you can no longer speak effectively with the person you fell in love with? Would you like to outgrow dysfunctional patterns of communication and make room for change? If you are seeking to understand why your relationships no longer work and want to learn how to create lasting friendship, I may be of assistance to you. I am a depth psychotherapist who has been helping couples create more satisfying relationships and discover meaning in life. Improving communication patterns solves many of life’s problems. I assist couples in achieving better communication skills to arrive at a better understanding of who each person is and how to be more fully oneself. As a psychotherapist, I explore with patients the underlying psychodynamic issues that are causing problems in arriving at mutual understanding. Being understood better means being open to the meaning of complicated emotional patterns, or affect-complexes, which stem from one’s family of origin.

Child Psychotherapy
I specialize with children between the ages of 4-12 and I also see adolescents. I treat school and learning problems, PTSD, insecure attachments, abandonment trauma, anxiety, social, sleep, oppositional-defiant, and relational disorders. I work with adoptions, parental separation, divorce, dreams, nightmares, neglect and abuse. The methods I use as a child psychotherapist include sandplay and play therapy which are effective tools in working with emotional problems in children. I work closely with the child and family, always involving parents in the child's treatment goals and initial sessions.

Jungian Dream Work

Jungian Dream Work
​       Helping patient's find out what dreams mean is central to my work. The meaning of dreams tends towards a goal. Sometimes this meaning can be vocationally oriented. As a Jungian psychotherapist, I recommend keeping a dream journal, as reflecting on the meaning of dreams is a way psychological complexes and conflicts can be made conscious empirically. Understanding a patient’s dream language can be a vehicle for better understanding a person's career conflicts and interpersonal problems in early adulthood and at mid-life. 

Vocational Dreams

This Video is an introduction to the topic of vocational dreams, which have been part of my ongoing empirical research since I began my work as a leader of dream groups and as a Jungian dream researcher at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) in 1980.