William Everson: The Shaman's Call, Expanded Edition, 2016

Herrmann's first book "The Shaman's Call" (2009) is a record of his conversations with the California poet-shaman and beat poet, William Everson, formerly Brother Antoninus of the Dominican Order. Herrmann was a student at UC Santa Cruz during the years 1978-1982, when he had the good fortune to be a teaching assistant and facilitator of dream groups in William Everson's celebrated course "Birth of a Poet" at Kresge College, on the UCSC campus. In "Birth of a Poet," Herrmann and many students felt personally that they were being initiated into the meaning of being a poet by one of the seminal fathers of American poetry. From the fall of 1980 to the winter of 1981, Herrmann worked for Everson in his course, introducing students to the art and science of dream interpretation from a Jungian point of view. He led dream groups every week and taught Jung's theory of dream interpretation. The coursework was to read Jung and post-Jungian writers, keep a dream journal, and write a final paper at the end of the quarter on the subject of vocational clarification through dream. The goal of Everson's course at UCSC was to deepen students' understanding of themselves, their unconscious and instinctive motivations as well as to develop their ability to express themselves through poetic writing and in that way to gain a deeper understanding of their literary vocation.  


Spiritual Democracy: The Wisdom of Early American Visionaries For the Journey Forward, 2014

“Steven Herrmann carries the visionary message of Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson, and William James forward into our time with the added inspiration of C. G. Jung. Spiritual Democracy puts the idea of democracy back to where it belongs, as a shining example of the human spirit at work in the evolution of human culture and social architecture.”
—Murray Stein, PhD, author of Minding the Self: Jungian Meditations on Contemporary Spirituality.

“This is a grand, brilliant, and breathtaking book that explores in depth the central wisdom at the core of Whitman’s prophetic poetry—that of Spiritual Democracy. This vision is at the heart of Sacred Activism, and anyone who wants to truly be inspired to act from a universal consciousness in this terrible and divisive time will find in this book rich food for their soul.”
—Andrew Harvey, author of Radical Passion


Walt Whitman: Shamanism, Spiritual Democracy and the World Soul, 2010

“This book exposes the deeper spiritual and historical meanings to the world-wide struggle for gender equality, marriage equality, the Divine Feminine, and economic and political justice—that is, for Spiritual Democracy.”

—Dr. Matthew Fox, author of The Hidden Spirituality of Men

Books by Steven Herrmann, Jungian Analyst

Emily Dickinson: A Medicine Woman for Our Times

Like no other 19th century poet Emily Dickinson forms an integration between science and spirituality. She studied at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary at the exact historical moment of the first Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention in 1848. This, therefore, is a feminist book. It speaks up for the Divine Feminine. It is by access to the Medicine Woman archetype that she's able to espouse a democracy of equality that the world needs right now.